Casino Legends – Mythical Stories and Rumors From the Tables

Tuesday marked the grand opening of Legends Bay Casino in Sparks and brought new excitement and gaming excitement back into Northern Nevada. Attendees included Governor Steve Sisolak and Garry Goett, chairman and CEO of Las Vegas-based operator Olympia Gaming.

Legends of the Casino

The casino is back open and operating at limited capacity as part of an enhanced health and safety program to protect against COVID-19. As part of this program, guests must pass a temperature scan and wear face masks in order to enter. Smoking is only allowed in designated outdoor areas. Free shuttle buses are available from Pasco Walmart, Kennewick Sports Authority, Richland Community Center and Benton City Conoco.

Each year, over 7,000 people use free shuttle buses from Tri-Cities to Legends in Toppenish; now that a hotel has opened nearby they won’t need to rush home that same day; rather they can stay overnight at this 200-room facility which also features an event center and restaurant.

Legends Casino features over 1,500 of the latest and most popular slot machines as well as 18 tables for blackjack, Spanish 21, roulette and craps – owned and operated by Yakama Nation and serving its mission to generate revenue for and create jobs for its enrolled members. Furthermore, two percent from some table games goes back to local nonprofit organizations such as YMCA Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation Pet Over Population Prevention through Yakama Cares initiative.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are among the most alluring casino games, and have created countless legends of fortune changing wins. From Charles Fey’s Liberty Bell to today’s high-tech machines, their spinning reels can turn anyone into an instant millionaire – but how exactly do these games work and are they beatable?

There are numerous myths surrounding slots that may tempt players, yet players should spend their time learning about the game rather than chasing these stories. One such legend states that slot machines will pay out more if they are “due.” On any land casino floor you will witness players trying to locate hot or cold machines by playing musical stools with them.

Reality check: each spin of the reels is independent from one another and has no bearing on how it will spin next. Therefore, the only reliable way of predicting a machine’s chances of paying out is through consistent play – hoping you might just get lucky!


While casino myths might once have been truth, it is essential that gamblers distinguish fact from fiction when gambling. Belief in such myths could damage your experience and prevent you from enjoying real money wins.

Players sometimes mistakenly believe that if a slot machine recently awarded another player with a jackpot prize, that it will take time until another jackpot payout occurs again – which can not only be false but can also damage a casino’s reputation.

Casinos make money by maintaining a slight edge over players. But this doesn’t mean they rig games so as to prevent winners; indeed, there are numerous strategies players can employ to increase their odds of success at playing casinos.

Mythology at Tonkawa Casino features dishes and cocktails inspired by Greek gods and creatures, creating an elegant yet adventurous menu. Owner Todd Luongo hopes his first foray into fine dining can fill a void in Northeast Reno’s Atlas District.

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