Marker Trax

The Marker Trax is an original and patented gaming system. It’s designed to make gaming fun for everyone. You can play it on your mobile phone or your laptop, and you can even compete against other people online! Marker Trax is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of protected characteristics.

The Marker Trax is accessible online, on the mobile app, and at participating casinos. The player inputs a desired wagering amount into a virtual Marker Trax. Then, the system allows them to play in the casino using the Marker Trax credit. Marker Trax also helps casinos improve their liquidity and record keeping.

Marker Trax is a regulatory-compliant casino marker system that provides a seamless, cashless gaming experience. This eliminates the risk of patrons walking out of casinos with borrowed cash. The payment and approval process is simple and instantaneous. Additionally, there is no validation process at the cage. As patrons demand cashless gaming options, large scale operators are adding Marker Trax solutions to their gaming floors.

Marker Trax is powered by Euronet’s REN platform, which offers speed, scalability, and data routing. Its recent acquisition of Piraeus Bank Merchant Acquiring, a subsidiary of the Greek bank, will extend its REN platform’s capabilities beyond traditional financial services.

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