Cyclops Roulette Displays

CYLOPS Roulette Displays are a great addition to your casino. Not only do they have the traditional graphical elements associated with a roulette wheel, but they have the added benefit of video recognition technology. This allows the game to be more interactive. It also helps you to make more accurate decisions while playing. This is especially important in the case of side bets.

Double Zero Roulette

Whether you’re at a land based casino or a mobile casino, double zero roulette on Cyclops displays are an attractive way to play this popular game. The CYCLOPS display is a high resolution 3D model of the wheel that simulates the real wheel’s behavior. It is easy to install, and it supports all types of roulette wheels, including single and double zero wheels. It is also an automatic video reader, which allows you to keep an eye on the state of the wheel.

The CYCLOPS display has two virtual wheels, which randomly generate two winning numbers. The underlying pay table can be configured with various parameters. These include Probability, Casino Hold, and Frequency. This lets you customize the pay table and raise or lower the casino’s hold.

In addition to the two virtual wheels, the CYCLOPS roulette display also supports single and double zero roulette wheels. Its “Push-Turn-Wait” technology allows the display to be set up in less than a minute.

Side bets game

Whether you are looking for a side bet or just want to add a little fun to your Roulette experience, TripleSpin is the way to go. It uses two virtual wheels along with a live wheel to create random bonuses for traditional Roulette players. This type of gamble was developed by Gaming Entertainment Systems. The company is led by Harley Jackson and Simon Witty, who are both seasoned table game developers. The company’s main product, CYCLOPS, is a Roulette display that includes a TripleSpin side bet.

The TripleSpin side bet is not a new casino game, but it does offer a new look. It is inspired by the classic Roulette game and uses two virtual wheels to spin two random numbers. The screen is a bit like a slot machine, but the bet pays out the same as a traditional roulette side bet. The biggest claim to fame is that you can actually win the jackpot on a single bet.

Video recognition technology

Among the Roulette displays available on the market, Cyclops Roulette displays feature video recognition technology. This allows the display to recognize winning numbers on Roulette tables. Besides, the technology is compatible with any international standard Roulette wheel. It can also follow all game events. In addition, the displays can generate bonus games, which can be a good addition to any Roulette table. In fact, the CYCLOPS displays were the world’s first Roulette display with a video reader. They were installed in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2004.

The video camera used to generate the video image is connected to a video digitiser 41. The digitiser subsamples the analog video field into a pixel image of 192 by 144 pixels. A flash read only memory (ROM) 44 contains computer program code. The software implements a C program that carries out a number of operations to identify the winning number. This information is output to a controller 50 via a RS485 line.

Compatible with any international standard roulette wheels

CYCLOPS roulette displays are the number one roulette display in the market today thanks to their innovative video recognition technology. It allows the display to recognise winning numbers, as well as generating game events such as the SuperBonus game. These displays are compatible with any international standard Roulette wheel.

The technology has also solved many of the common inconveniences that casinos encounter. For example, it is now possible to set up the display in less than a minute. In 2004, the world’s first Roulette display with a video reader was installed at the St. Petersburg Casino in Russia.

This new technology can recognize all winning numbers on the Roulette table, as well as other game events such as the SuperBonus, Lucky Spin and Side Bets. The system is also capable of remote betting.

CYCLOPS roulette displays are compatible with any Roulette wheels, including single-zero and double-zero models. The display has two virtual wheels, each with their own ball. Each wheel is also able to generate two winning numbers that are randomly chosen from its own set of numbers. This feature increases the player’s hold and makes it more exciting for the players.

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